Family Office

While today’s families have become global and the world has become smaller and more mobile, we
have not yet become immune to the problems wealth poses to the family unit. We provide
authoritative guidance on family wealth management, with an emphasis on both family and wealth.
Global taxation regimes, changing bank secrecy laws, asset protection and other critical issues are
examined in depth to assist wealth owners in planning, and we are experts on the essential tools that
aid in the execution of any wealth management strategy. We approach the psychology of wealth,
and the effect it has on different family members; wealth destroys families every day, and smart
management means maintaining the health of the family as much as it means maintaining and
expanding wealth.

Family wealth brings advantages, but it also carries a potential for destruction. Wealth owners have a
responsibility to their families and to themselves, and we provide the critical guidance you need to get
it right, whether you are part of a wealth-owning family or are an advisor to wealth-owning families.

   • Protect assets from risks ranging from divorce to political upheaval
   • Explore the many tools that facilitate secure wealth management
   • Discover how changing global regulations affect wealth
   • Understand how private banks and other advisors work
   • Uncover the challenges faced by the wealth management industry
   • Find out how to work better with advisors and to manage costs while ensuring efficient and
      effective outcomes

Families at all levels of wealth are vulnerable to shifting economic climates, evolving regulatory issues,
asset threats and more. Any amount of wealth is enough to shatter a family, but deeply insightful
planning based on thoughtful consideration is one key to keeping destructive forces at bay.